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Fairuz is named in tribute to Lebanon's most famous chanteuse. One of London's most relaxed and intimate Lebanese restaurants. Fairuz still observes all the traditions.

From the warmth and intimacy of the decor, the natural hand made tables, formal service, to the instant appearance of olives and chilled salad veg upon arrival.

The presentation and preparation of the cooking, and attentiveness and enthusiasm of the staff are all pleasantly flamboyant.

The decor is warm yellow with turquoise touches.  There's a general sense of  bohemian authenticity among the staff and clientele.

The cooking bursts with Eastern Mediterranean flavours, old favourites like tabouleh, foul moukalla, and moutabal do new dance steps on your tongue. Top-level charcoal grills and specialites, like farrouj musakhan, grilled boneless chicken wrapped in bread with onions, pepper and special herbs which is then baked.

Quoted from the "London and more" magazine of the best restaurants in london